The largest K-beauty
distributor in the U.S.,
Stylekorean Inc.
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STYLEKOREAN US is a K-Beauty Total Solution Platform
From purchasing to distribution, we provide complete process that offers convenient access for national retailers, online and offline distributors to find variety of K-beauty brands that are difficult to obtain. We aim to become your ultimate business partner by going above and beyond, utilizing our expertise to help you succeed.
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Connecting US national retailers with most wanted K-Beauty brands in Korea.
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What We Do
Founded in 2015
Operating Warehouses in CA & NJ
We are a global company with strong connections and expertise in private labeling. We provide one stop solution to all your product ideas to help come to life. We are relentlessly resourceful, we raise the bar on quality, and we are motivated to help our customers suceed in today's dynamic marketplace. With our strong existing connections of many design labs, packaging, and manufacturers, we have supported many brands to develop their new products that are successfully trending in K-beauty today
We invest and support our brands to flourish in the US
We incubate, invest & curate K-beauty
We incubate & grow K-beauty brands that are coveted in the U.S.
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U.S Inventory
We currently have 2 branches in the U.S, which carries over 2,000
SKU’s, about 5M to 8M USD.
Our branches are located in California and New Jersey,
targeting to assist all the states in the U.S.
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Our Distinction
US Authorization
Stylekorean currently carries over 100 authorized K-beauty brands and is expanding in distribution, including marketing and sales in the U.S.
Direct Supply Chain in Korea
We currently work directly with the K-beauty brands and receive products in a fast pace.
We also provide authentic products with competitive price to our customers.
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US Partners
    Work with the largest
    K-beauty distributor in the U.S.
    Eliminate the guesswork to achieve the results you need.